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How to find a websites backlinks. Getting started General overview of found backlinks Analyzing referring domains List of found backlinks. Upon accessing the Backlink Checker tool, specify the URL of the website or page you want to get backlink data on in the search box. Next, select the type of analysis you want to perform.: Domain with subdomains the system will load up every backlink that links out to any webpage of the analyzed site or its subdomains. Exact URL the system will only load up those backlinks that link out to the specified webpage. Domain without subdomains the system will load up every backlink that links out to any webpage of the analyzed site, except for its subdomains. Once youve selected the analysis type, click the Search button. Depending on your subscription plan, you can perform a certain number backlink checks for free.
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You can either copy and paste a domain into the box or type it out and choose the right one from the autocomplete results. Hit check it, and you'll' see an overview of the backlink profile for the domain or page that you've' entered, with key insights you can take from this, including.: A top-level look at the Authority Score, referring domains, backlinks, monthly visits, and keywords. How the number of referring domains and backlinks has changed over time. The topical categories of the referring domains. The top anchors being used. A breakdown of referring domains by Authority Score. The type of backlinks and link attributes. If you want a quick overview of a backlink profile, there are so many insights you can gain from this single dashboard. You can also export as a PDF or to Google Data Studio using the buttons in the top right of your page. Step 3: Open Up The Backlinks Tab To Dive Deep Into The Links. Click into the backlinks tab within the tool to see a full list of backlinks that point to the domain. By default, you'll' find that the table is sorted with the higher Authority Score links showing first.
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Also, an award-winning blogger. 51 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in 2021. Aug 21, 2015. 7 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks. Dec 10, 2012. Disavow Tool: How to Remove Spam Backlinks From Google Practical Guide. Oct 17, 2012. 15 Best Free SEO Tools That You Should Be Using in 2021. Jul 9, 2013. 7 Best Rank Tracking Software To Check Google Keyword Rankings. Dec 2, 2019. 8 Top SEO Content Optimization Tools To Gain Authority in 2021. Jan 8, 2021. 8 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2021 Edition. Feb 22, 2021. 3 Best LSI keyword Generator Research Tools to Find LSI Keywords. Jun 9, 2015. Show Hide 170 comments. 170 thoughts on 5 Best Backlink Checker Tools of 2021 Free Paid. February 28, 2020 at 0433.: I enjoy using semrush as a backlinks checker tool. Great reading your helpful post! October 7, 2020 at 1751.: Genuine list, I must say!
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4 Which Backlinks Are Best For You? 4.1 Example Of Good Backlinks. 4.2 Example Of A Good Backlink Profile. 5 Which Backlinks Are Least Important For You? 5.1 Can I Use An Automated Backlink Tool? 5.2 Is 1 Bad Backlink Going To Hurt My Website? 5.3 How Many Bad Backlinks Are Too Many Then? 5.4 Example Of Bad Backlinks. 5.5 Example Of A Bad Backlink Profile. 6 Do You Actually Need Backlinks To Rank? 6.1 What Do Backlinks Do For Your Website Then? 6.2 How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank 1? 6.3 How Many Backlinks Is It Good To Have? 6.4 Can You Have Too Many Backlinks? 6.5 How Many Backlinks Should You Create Per Day? 6.6 How To Find How Many Backlinks I Have To My Website?
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Get the most out of Moz Pro with a free 30-minute walkthrough. An all-in-one SEO toolset to boost your search engine rankings. Learn about Moz Pro. Get Started Free. The ultimate link analysis tool, complete with competitor insights. Discover and prioritize the best keywords for your site. Get live page metrics right in your Chrome browser. Moz Pro Home. Monitor your SEO performance and get insights to increase organic traffic. Local Market Analytics BETA. Spot opportunity in target markets with local metrics and top SERP competitors. Local data management solution to help customers find your business online. Learn about Moz Local. Get Started Free. Check My Online Presence. See how complete and consistent your businesss location appears across the web. Check Online Presence. SEO Learning Center. The Beginner's' Guide to SEO. Free Downloads and More. Learn about Moz Pro. Moz Pro Home. Learn about Moz Local. Check My Online Presence. Free SEO Tools. By: Brian Childs August 10, 2017. How to Find Backlinks.
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While page-level competitors dont compete with your site on a whole, these individual articles can knock you clean off the top spot, nabbing 90% of the organic traffic. Neil Patels Ubersuggest is one of the best free quality backlink tools for analyzing the link profile of your page-level competitors. Heres how you perform a page-level competitor backlink analysis on Ubersuggest.: Head to the Ubersuggest keyword tool and search your own website. This will bring up a list of top keywords for your site. When you click on each target keyword, the table on the right-hand side shows you the top competing pages for each key term. You can identify the page-level competitors as these are the sites that dont generally compete for the same target audience or offer the same services. In the table of backlink competitors, click the orange numbers under the links column to analyze the backlinks for each article one at a time. Lets look at the McKinsey article, for example.: When you click through, youre taken to a list of backlinks. You can filter the backlinks by the domain authority to see the most influential pages.
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If your backlinks are distributed across multiple hosting providers, they have different IPs and C-classes which seems much more natural to Google. With the free backlink checker, you can easily find out if this is the case for your website.
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To find out more detail about your backlinks you can go to a website like A seven-day trial only costs 7! Once you sign in, you can get loads of data about your background profile. Ahrefs is a much more comprehensive tool for checking the quality and authority of the backlinks that you already have. To see the backlink profile for a specific website using Ahrefs, simply type in the website that you want to check, select backlinks, and you will get a breakdown of all the backlinks to your site.
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Moreover, you can get your backlink report on your email scheduled and monitor your progress on time. Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools to monitor website backlinks. It has a free version where you can monitor 10 backlinks and 2 domains per request. The paid versions start at 99 per month for a complete analysis of the backlink profile: dofollow/nofollow, anchor text, image backlinks, etc. If you ever get a penalty from Google, it will be a lifesaving tool, giving you an exact percentage of anchor text on your site.
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Cost: Free trials available, cost ranges from 99-399 per month. SEMrush is a great tool to check website backlinks. This tool has a massive database of information that's' updated daily. This constant update enables you to check your business's' backlink information accurately. Partner with Ecommerce masters! Campaigns managed by WebFX have earned over. 1 1 5 5 0 4 0 3. TRANSACTIONS IN THE LAST 5 YEARS. Read Case Studies. With SEMrush, you can accurately check and monitor your sites backlinks, as well as your competitions backlinks. This tool helps you find a way to beat your competition in the search results.

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