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You can browse, filter and search a link to find out. if it's' an editorial link, or part of a directory. is the surrounding content made up of text, images, or other links? estimated page position; is it high on the page, or in the footer? which other sites have a link nearby. Link Context is available right now, on ALL Majestic subscription plans. See Link Context in action Plus d'informations.' frameborder0" allowaccelerometer" autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen. Deux index, avec des chiffres impressionnants. Notre Fresh Index est la liste actualisée de tout ce que nous avons trouvé au cours des 120 derniers jours. Plus important, il inclut également les liens supprimés et perdus de la même période. Historic est une énorme base de données. Avec des données remontant jusqu'aux' cinq dernières années, vous pouvez être sûr d'avoir' le profil de backlink le plus complet possible.
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Previous Ahrefs vs Majestic test. A look at the freshness of various backlink checkers data. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I check backlinks to my site? You can easily check backlinks to your site by using a tool like Ahrefs. To do this just.: Log in, create an account or sign up to their trial. Enter the URL of the page you want to check. Click Backlinks on the left hand side menu. Review the backlinks and export the data if required. What is a backlink checker? A backlink checker is a tool which uncovers and tracks any backlinks that are pointing to a given URL. They can be extremely useful when you want to steal and replicate your competitors best links. How do I find my competitors backlinks? I find competitor backlinks by using the backlink checker tool Ahrefs.
Backlink checker tool review A comparison between Majestic vs Ahrefs.
Majestic vs Ahrefs Which is the best backlink checker tool? If you are under the impression that every website on the Internet is an independent entity which does not have any relationship with other websites sharing the same space, you could not have been more wrong. Every website is like a unit which is linked to other similar units of varying sizes and together they form an interwoven fabric which is known as the Internet. So is it possible to derive detailed information about this fabric? Yes, it is and this is where Majestic comes into the picture. Among the available SEO tools, very few are versatile enough to suit different segments ansd Majestic is one of them. It can be used by SEO professionals to perform functions like managing portfolio, auditing websites, identifying potential clients and making success reports.
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Ahrefs may have a similar or even better live backlink checker than Majestic in some cases. It also has many other SEO features and metrics. To be clear, you dont need an SEO tool to know backlinks pointing to your own site.
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Score for any web page directly on the URL bar and you can see summary information about the number of domains and URLs linking to this page. Topical Trust Flow is now integrated into the tool that shows you the topic or category of each backlink. Download Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extension CRX for Chrome.
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When writing emails, there are a lot of phrases that we type out over and over again. Lets say you have a blog and receive guest post pitches, you can set up a specific template for use with emails where you approve pitches, and another for emails where you decline pitches. Insert Snippet is a Chrome Extension that can save you more time than you might realize, just by loading up blocks of text you can use them whenever you need to. Aero leads is a prospecting and lead generation software which can be used to find emails and phone number of any business user instantly. With AeroLeads chrome plugin, you can build your lead list in minutes and can transfer it to Salesforce or any other CRM or marketing software. It does have a free trial too! Over to you. Whatever part of SEO or Link Building that you may want help with, chances are there will be a Chrome Extension to help you. Which browser extensions do you use the most? Let us know in the comments below. 19 Powerful Tools For The Modern Day Link Builder.
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Website SEO Checker. Domain Authority Checker. Check History of Domain Authority Unique. Install our Chrome free extension. Website Traffic Checker NEW. Toxic Backlink Checker NEW. Ip Location Domain Location lookup. long tail keyword research. Keyword density checker. Bulk Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Domain Age Checker. Html/XML Sitemap generator. Bulk Alexa Rank Checker. Google Index Checker. Extract url to domain. Page Authority Checker. Spam score checker. Keyword Difficulty Checker. keyword Position Checker. Social Share Counter. Terms of Services. WordPress Silo Plugins. Flesch Reading Ease. Jaaxy Vs SEMrush.
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HitTail Paid Keyword Suggestion Tool A simple tool that makes suggestions based on the search terms that are already bringing people to your site. Open Site Explorer Free Backlink Analysis Tool Provides detailed data about your or your competitors backlinks then evaluates the algorithmic weight of those pages domains. PageRank Status Free SEO Chrome Extension Provides instant access to Google PageRank Alexa Rank of any web page. Google Webmaster Tools Free Googles SEO Tool for Webmasters Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site from the search giant themselves! SEO Tools for Excel Free SEO Excel Add-on Adds popular SEO functions like LinkCount CheckBackLink to Excel. You can even link your Majestic SEO or SEOlytics account. Paid Web Analytics and Reporting Tool An accurate, free tool to measure site visitors, conversions so much more. USP Google Analytics. Paid Website Clicks Analyzer Tool Visual heatmaps and scrollmaps to show where your visitors click navigate.
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2010 Finding the best link prospects from Majestic SEO Data. PLEASE NOTE: There is now a more up-to-date version of this video available outlining Majestic Tool and Features. Using Majestic SEO's' Clique Hunter tool and. Bienvenue Comptabilité D'entreprise' Free. 2013 Welcome to MajesticSEO. PLEASE NOTE: There is now a more up-to-date version of this video available outlining Majestic Tool and Features. Sign up for a free account and start unlock. 2013 Majestic Training Site Comparator Tool. PLEASE NOTE: There is now a more up-to-date version of this video available outlining Majestic Tool and Features. Learn how to use the Site Comparator Tool i. Être Utilisé Entraînement. 2013 How to use Advanced Reports. PLEASE NOTE: There is now a more up-to-date version of this video available outlining Majestic Tool and Features. MajesticSEO Advanced reports are a great wa. Formation Marketing Marketing Sur Internet Apprentissage. 2013 How to use Bulk Backlink Checker.
SEO: les 10 meilleurs outils pour analyser ses backlinks.
N 10 Comment fixer des objectifs sur Google Analytics. Besoin de traducteurs professionnels? Passez votre commande et choisissez vos traducteurs parmi notre base de professionnels expérimentés. Vous avez besoin de contenus web? Commandez rapidement vos textes, sur et choisissez les meilleurs rédacteurs. Déposez une annonce et recevez gratuitement des devis. Abonnez-vous pour recevoir nos meilleurs articles. SEO: les 10 meilleurs outils pour analyser ses backlinks. Il y a 3 ans par Léo Chatillon. Les backlinks, cest-à-dire les liens externes pointant vers votre site, sont un facteur important pour le référencement naturel sur Google. Pour éviter que votre SEO dégringole, il est donc important de garder un il sur les liens renvoyant vers votre site mais aussi vers ceux de vos concurrents: une bonne façon de trouver des sites qui pourraient vous offrir des liens de qualité. Voici justement 10 outils danalyse de backlinks gratuits ou payants à ne pas manquer. Besoin d'un' développeurnbsp? Déposez gratuitement votre projet sur, recevez une quinzaine de devis et sélectionnez le prestataire idéal. Trouver un prestataire. Majestic est un des outils SEO les plus connus; il inclut notamment un backlink checker.

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